Spiritual Divination For a Higher Elevation of Life by Voodoo Priest Danta'

Spiritual Divination For a Higher Elevation of Life by Voodoo Priest Danta'

Voodoo Priest-You are only limited by the things that you allow yourself to be limited too. 

Voodoo Priest-You are only limited by the things that you allow yourself to be limited too. 

About Me


Priestess Danta'

  As a small child I always had dreams that came true. As I grew into a young adult the reality of my dreams lead me to understand the beginning of my spiritual path. I started to give advice and helping others in need by providing guidance with my spiritual sight. 

  After seeking my destiny though spiritual divination, I connected with Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary in 2004 and formed a relationship with Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol.

I fulfilled my destiny by obtaining my first level initiation, as a Hunsi Kanzo in April 2010, by Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol. At that time, I was blessed with the name Mimose Clarete.

 After serving as a Hunsi Kanzo, I became Gro Mambo Danta' Noványón when I was initiated as a High Priestess in October 2015 in Mariani, Haiti.

  I hold a membership with The National African Religion Congress (NARC). My studies consist of Spiritual Divinations, the ability to see into the past, present and future. This gift has allowed me to guide those that are seeking a higher elevation in health, love, finance, business and family stability. I work under the tutelage of Gro Mambo Angélá in services and ceremonies as one of the loa attendants responsible for the preparation of the Altars as well as the preparation of Loa foods.

  In addition to being a priestess in the Voodoo religion since July 2000.  I also, work as a Regional Property Manager within the Real Estate Industry.  In this position, I brought stability to families and their homes though counseling which included financial stability. I provided financial guidance

to property owners with assets totaling over sixteen million dollars.                                                               

 I dedicate myself to bringing messages to those who seek my guidance. I help break through the boundaries that are limiting you. It is time for you to  re-shape your future. Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.


Spiritual Divination

  Spiritual Divination is sometimes referred to as a Spiritual Reading which is the ability to consult and listen to the forces of God in order to see into one’s life to get to the root of their problems and/or issues. Anyone, no matter what religion, background, belief system, creed or color can benefit from obtaining a powerful divination. The goal is not to convert anyone to the religion of Voodoo but to provide them with information to gain mental and over all stability of health to aide them in a higher elevation of life that God intended for them. People of all walks of life truly need and can benefit from the strength of divination. Most people that obtain a divination are very, very surprise to learn the information that is provided to them. We are only limited by the things that we allow ourselves to limit too. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pockets. You just need me to guide you and encauage you to open that lock and door.  


Let me help bring a new higher life‘s elevation to you. 



                                 Financial Advice

Money is needed and wanted by everyone. All around the world money seems to become harder to make, while the financial demands placed upon the common man in society continue to mount. Bills grow, fees increase, credit is harder to maintain and improve, responsibilities refuse to diminish, and despite it all the value of the dollar doesn’t grow with the demand, and paychecks aren’t getting any bigger. The time has come to think outside of your box and make more money in new ways to ensure stability in an unstable world. 

Divination can be the answer to your financial questions. Through divination, Gro Mambo Danta'  taps into an ancient power that can transform the way you think about your own capabilities and prospects and turn your passions and desire for fiscal elevation into paths to financial stability and the happiness that accompanies it. Learn to take advantage of the plight of the economy. Discover your power days and numbers as new ways to turn what you love to do into ways to make money doing it. Unleash your inner power to influence the people around you and make your current endeavors more profitable to you and your family. Do it all through divination.

                            Health & Sickness

Priests and priestesses of African-based tradition have been treating serious illnesses for centuries. Alternative medicine through African tradition can help heal the body of diabetes, cancer, diseases, arthritis, and more. African traditional herbs and medicines are used through spiritual baths. Gro Mambo Danta' through divination will give you the prescription for how to service one self with herbal medicine, herbal teas and herbal soaps.

                              Love Search

We have been known to help individuals who are not yet in a relationship and are looking for the happiness, love, and intimacy that comes with a healthy, loving partnership seek their soul mate. The power of the this territory is govern by Erzulie Freeda, the Holy Loa Spirit of matters of the heart. As individuals understand their powers they will become a beacon of light attracting a compatible power within a new found friend and/or romance. Meaning once roads are open for you within the dominee of Erzulie Feeda, matters of the heart you will attract someone just as compatible with you.

                         House Cleansing 

                 Removal of Unwanted Entities

Have you ever felt like you were not the only one home when you knew you were the only one home? You may or may not be able to see the entities that are moving though your home but the entities are there. They can interfere in your life causing mayhem. Spirits will lurk in homes for many reasons, some maybe there to inflict harm, some maybe there because they do not know how to move out from Earth’s plains. Nevertheless, it is not a good thing to have those entities in your home. Removing spirits from your home is not an easy task to perform by the commend woman or man. It takes someone that has a connection with the most powerful forces. If you are experiencing this sort of activity in your home, please call me today. 

                                Court Cases

Divination are given in matters of court cases. The divination will provide direction as to how you should proceed with your negotiations for a favorable out come for you. 

                    Pet & Animal Readings

Animals are highly spiritual and intuitive. They have their own personality that speaks volumes. Their kine senses are second to none. Their dominants is another core value they possess, making them territorial for the protection of others whether it is another animal or human. Animals have been known to spiritually and physically help humans.  They have also been known to guide humans as well. Humans can learn a lot from animals, for example humans can learn from their caring instincts that comes natural to them. 

Divination's are done to better communicate with them, their thoughts and feelings.

Spiritual bathes are also performed for animals as they are performed for humans. The spiritual bathes helps with their heath and over all well being. If you are looking to have a better insight into your pet give me a call. 

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Embrace YOUR Future


What is it that is holding you in the past and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? If you are having trouble finding you a spiritual divination will help you find yourself. Open your mind and heart to all possibles. 

The Real Connection


Spiritual healing-Embark on a new beginning, be honest with yourself. 



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